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Health Benefits

Tired of the bloating, gas, and cramping that comes with having Irritable Bowel Syndrome?  

Let's face it... IBS can be a bit overwhelming, right? 

Between all of the bloating... the cramping... the gas... IBS can unexpectedly ruin your day in a moments notice.

That's why we created IBPro — a "super strain" probiotic specifically formulated to fight IBS flare ups before they even begin!


Made With MAKTrek®

IBPro is custom formulated with MAKTrek® 3-D Bypass Technology, which provides significant safeguards that may ensure better survival of the living beneficial probiotic bacteria.

The problem with most probiotic solutions is that they don't actually make it all the way to your digestive system because of the presence of stomach acid. 

MAKTrek® 3-D provides two-step acid protection, in-transit buffering, and additional safeguards to ensure the probiotic you're using survives and actually does what it's suppose to! 



  • Supports long-term digestive health*
  • Helps provide relief from abdominal discomfort, bloating, and unwanted gas
  • Boosts digestion and heighten metabolism*
  • Heightens immune system function and enhances the body's natural antioxidant activity*
  • Accelerates the breakdown of cholesterol and influences the way the gut absorbs it*



  • Adults take two capsules daily with 8 ounces of water
  • We recommend taking the capsules on an empty stomach (either when you first wake up or right before bed)
  • Not intended for children


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"Does it have to be refrigerated?"

No! IBPro works best when stored at room temperature.


"Is IBPro gluten-free?"

Yes! IBPro is 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.


"How often should I take IBPro?"

Our team suggests taking two (2) capsules daily. For best results, take one (1) capsule during the day and one (1) capsule in the evening. Repeat the process daily. 


"Is it made in the USA?"

Yes! All of our products at Gol Nutrition are manufactured and distributed in the USA 🇺🇸


"What strains of CFU's does it contain?"

Here's a full list of all of the ingredients in IBPro:


“What if I don't like them?”

Your investment is always backed by our industry-leading, 61-Day "Gut Check" Guarantee. Which means that you can place your order today completely risk-free! We know that it typically takes some time for the effects of certain supplements to kick in, which means we give you two months to try them out. If for some reason you don't see any noticeable results, just email our team at support@golnutrition.com and let us know. We'll send you a full refund, no questions asked. The extra day is because we know that sometimes life gets in the way and you may miss a reminder you set!


Click here to order your first (or next) bottle of IBPro now!


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Eileen T.
United States United States

Overall better but I have taken only 30 capsules. I hoping I am cured. Thanks for your medicine.

GOL Nutrition

Thank you for your review, Eileen! We are so happy to hear that IBPro is working well for you and can't wait to hear more positive results with increased usage. We're hoping to get your review up to a 5-star rating :) If there's anything we can do in the meantime, please let us know.

Barbara B.
United States United States
A dream come true for me!

The IBPro is the very first probiotic to have ever helped me get rid of my awful and excruciating stomach pains. I take one at lunch before I eat and another at dinner before I eat. I don't eat breakfast, never have been able to eat before 1pm. It helps my bowels to be more regular also. Thank you so much for this amazing product! It's a dream come true for me!

Shari U.
United States United States
Cautiously Optimistic

This arrived quickly and is easy to take. I am noticing slow but steady improvement during the past month, although I am averaging one pill a day. I need to get better about remembering to take the second dose. I have suffered a long time and I know it won’t heal overnight. Hoping the trend continues in a positive direction.

GOL Nutrition

Thank you for your review Shari! We're so glad to hear that the product is working well and that you're seeing improvement with it. Consistency is definitely key so I like to keep a bottle of IBPro tucked in my desk at the office, that way I don't forget to take it :) We're always here to help if you need any assistance or have any questions, so please feel free to reach out anytime.

Rebecca F.
United States United States
Major improvement!

Suffered for years after gall bladder removed. Much better now

GOL Nutrition

Thank you for your review Rebecca, I am glad to hear that IBPro is working well for you. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to leave a review like this so please know how much we value your feedback. We are constantly striving to improve our product and make it easier for people with digestive issues.

Mike M.
United States United States
IBPro Probiotic

so far so good.