How To Reduce Bloating


Are you struggling with pesky belly bloat?


In this video, I’m gonna go over the top 3 ways to reduce bloating once-and-for-all!


Because it’s a little bit easier than most people think…


Before we dive in…


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What’s up everyone! My name is Austin Dixon and for years I’ve struggled with IBS.


Which is why I founded GOL Nutrition… it’s a way for me to connect with and help other men and women overcome their gut issues.


And I’m curious… How often do you struggle with having a bloated belly?


I know for me, I had to switch from Chipotle burritos to their burrito bowls because the tortillas would make me look pregnant.


Lemme know down below how often you’re suffering from bloating.


I know it can be extremely uncomfortable when you’re so bloated you have to unbutton your jeans,


so in this video I wanna walk through 3 ways to reduce bloating.


Sound good?


The first tip I laugh at because my mom always pestered me about this growing up…


…and it’s to CHEW YOUR DANG FOOD!




I know it sounds simple, but we live in a world where it seems like we’re always on-the-go.


Which means we rush mealtime in order to get to the next thing.


If you don’t take the time to chew your food, your digestive system is gonna have a hard time breaking down each meal.


So, make sure to spend 20-30 seconds chewing each bite.


It’s gonna feel a little bit weird at first, but trust me that it works like magic.


You can also try taking digestive enzymes 20-30 minutes before each meal.


Digestive enzymes act like an army in your gut to help break down your food for you.


If you want to establish a senes of peace in your stomach, check out our Enzymes in the description of this video.


Tip #2 to reduce belly bloat is to avoid drinking while eating.


Now look, I get it…


You wanna have that LaCroix or can of Coke during your meal.


But, drinking while eating can mean that you’re swallowing extra air with each bite.


Fizzy drinks are the biggest enemy here because they contain little bubbles in each sip.


My recommendation is to save drinks for 15-20 minutes after each meal.


My favorite go-to post meal drink is actually blueberry kefir.


I find that it soothes my stomach and helps fight bloating extremely well.


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So… Tip #3 is to take a probiotic supplement!


A common myth about IBS and related gut issues is that it’s certain foods that are causing issues.


And while certain foods may have an influence, they’re not the root cause.


The underlying issue is that the gut is under attack from “unhealthy” bacteria already in the gut.


What a probiotic will do is fight the unhealthy bacteria with healthy bacteria.


Keep in mind that every probiotic is different and there’s a lot of companies out there that try to stuff their probiotics with unnecessary bacteria strains.


Do your research and the best thing you can do is test.


Don’t assume that a probiotic is gonna fix everything, but they can drastically help.


If you suffer with IBS-C and find yourself bloated and constipated, we have a cutting-edge probiotic called IBPro that can definitely help.


I take 2 capsules daily and it works wonders for my stomach.


I’ll link it in the description below so you can take a look.


Keep in mind that our team offer a 61-Day “Gut Check” Guarantee on all orders.


Which means if you order from us and don’t see the results you want, just email or text us and we’ll get you a full refund.


So to recap:


There are 3 things that can drastically help with belly bloating:

#1 Take time to chew your food when eating

#2 Avoid drinking while eating, especially fizzy drinks

And #3 Take a daily probiotic to restore healthy bacteria in the gut


If you’re looking for a 60-day gut fix, make sure to snag a free copy of our Gut Check Guide down below.


It’s a snack-sized guide on how to go from tummy troubles to healthy gut in the next 60 days or less.


Make sure to stick around and check out some of the other videos on the channel, and I’ll chat with you soon…


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